Wednesday, December 17, 2014

42 Pet Peeves

  1. People talking loudly on cell phones in public transportation
  2. Peple who stop dead in tracks in front of you
  3. Slow walkers on the streets
  4. Not tipping, ever
  5. Chewing with mouth open
  6. Leaving the last sip in a glass
  7. Cold calls
  8. Leaving the toilet sit up
  9. Drinking directly out of the carton
  10. Couples sitting on the same side of the table when the opposite side is empty
  11. Loud jewelry
  12. Chatting on cell phone while in presence of others
  13. People who don’t clean up after themselves at the table
  14. Giving weird names to kids
  15. Reading computer monitors or newspapers over someone else’s shoulder
  16. Selfies
  17. Duckfaces
  18. Not looking in the eye during the conversation
  19. Feeble handshakes
  21. Receiving an ‘ok’ after a long, long text message
  22. Putting a full stop after a happy text message: “Happy birthday.”
  23. Hair (of any kind) in bath tubs and shower stalls
  24. Asking: “Can I ask you a question?”
  25. People for ring the door bell in three second intervals.
  26. <no subject> Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:
  27. Guilt tripping in any shape or form
  28. People sharing your cell phone number with strangers
  29. Things sticking out of drawers
  30. Crooked posters and paintings
  31. Cracking knuckles
  32. Scratching the blackboard
  33. Tangled headphones
  34. Replaying the same song over and over and over again
  35. Not chiping in for the food but still taking “only a bite”
  36. The “No, You Hang Up”ers
  37. Unsolicited advice
  38. Wobbly tables
  39. Throwing gum on the sidewalk
  40. Scraping the plate with a fork
  41. Indoor sunglasses
  42. Making out in public

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