Tuesday, December 23, 2014

44 Bad Luck Superstitions To Be Aware Of

  1. Black cat crossing your path
  2. Breaking a mirror
  3. Stepping on a crack on a sidewalk
  4. Stepping on a square-shaped manhole
  5. Hearing a crow
  6. Hearing an ambulance
  7. Friday the 13th
  8. Being  the 13th person at the table
  9. Standing up first at a table with 13 people
  10. Spilling salt
  11. Having a 2 dollar bill
  12. Walking under ladders
  13. Opening an umbrella indoors
  14. Putting your left foot on the floor first as you get out of bed
  15. Getting/giving knives as a present (“buy”/”sell” them for a cent!)
  16. Getting/giving an empty wallet as a present (put a bill in it!)
  17. Sleeping at a table
  18. Singing at a table
  19. Not throwing the first catch while fishing
  20. A bird entering indoors
  21. Refusing a kiss under a mistletoe
  22. Hearing a dog or wolf howl
  23. Dropping a dishcloth
  24. Rocking an empty rocking chair
  25. Killing an albatross
  26. Wearing opals (unless they’re your birthstones)
  27. Smelling dandelions before going to bed
  28. Seeing a red moon (“blood moon”)
  29. Sweeping at night
  30. Broom touching a head
  31. A necklace snapping (someone in family will die)
  32. Placing handbags at floor
  33. Finding an owl in house
  34. Looking upon a lonely magpie
  35. Leaving windows open on All Hallows‘ Eve
  36. Dreaming about your teeth falling out or being pulled out
  37. Putting a loaf of bread upside-down once one of its corners has been cut out
  38. Taking a broom with you as you move
  39. Leaving house through a different door than the one you came in
  40. Seeing your doppelganger
  41. Spitting in public
  42. Hanging a horseshoe with points pointing downwards
  43. Lighting three cigarettes using the same match
  44. Saying the word “Macbeth” while in a theater

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