Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why Do You Matter

Every one of us is all right the way we are. Every one of us is a unique person, with different skills and affinities, with degree of ingenuity and smarts- a person worthy of respect. That's why we should embrace ourselves and treat ourselves right. Be ok with being you, through and thorough. Be ok with your height, weight, your sentiments, whatever makes you - you. Be proud of your personality, skills and accomplishments. 

It's somewhat needless to try to ''improve'' yourself. Actually, it can be contra productive, and a wrong way to spend your energy and effort. There is no such thing as a perfect being. It's a wrong concept which doesn't correspond to objective reality and certainly no to human existence. A lot of people who try to do diets, and are obsessed with their bodies and how they perceive themselves, waste so much time and effort on ''perfecting'' their self image. Those people devote themselves on ''improving'' their body, and prioritize the goal of ''getting slimmer''. 

They should not attempt to pursue these unachievable standards of ''perfection'', but rather they should acknowledge how unique they are, and what is that makes them original. So, we should search for tranquility and joy in our lives, although that may not be so easy. We should affirm this moment in our lives, and continue with a cheerful and confident attitude.
The positive values come in all sorts of forms, such as sense of esthetics, nurture and resilience. What is truly beautiful encompasses more than just superficial appearance, but also the inner radiance, the lust for living, cheerful spirit, a positive attitude, empathy. What's really worth achieving in life is good will toward people, philanthropy, perseverance and integrity and accepting yourself. 

So, there is nothing wrong with your body. Your dimensions are fine. What is important is that you can influence the way you perceive yourself by altering your self-perception. If your weight worries you, then have in mind that your body can alter depending on different periods in your life. It has a dynamic of its own, which is hard to obstruct. You should observe that focusing too much on unrealistic ideal of physique can be very harmful, and not just to you but also to people around you, primarily young ones. You shouldn't equate your body weight with the value of yourself as a human being. By acknowledging this you can set yourself free. 

You should have a positive attitude toward your physique. Also, be tolerant toward different sizes of people. There are people large and small, thin and bulky, and that is something that should be fine. Respectively, if you're perhaps, a girl who is obsessed with her weight and succumbs to today's society’s norms and criteria of attractiveness, then that can result in your social retreat and reclusiveness. In other case, if you are a slim girl, achieving this by repressive dieting, this in turn produces a malnourished character, associated with negative traits such as bad mood, sensitization, isolation, self-judgment, intolerance and egotism, as well as harmful physical effects. Today we are so much focused on slim fit figure, and that is bad for everyone. It remains to see when we will stop being obsessed with size and figure and embrace a more tolerant outlook, and prioritize healthy practices instead. We go to start with something, so every little action from every one of us is a positive step in that direction.

You should learn meditation techniques. Being relaxed absolves you from stress and improves your life. Healthy mind in a healthy body. It is connected. A positive and serene mental attitude reflects on physical aspect of you as well. This way you will have an improved self-esteem, and be relieved from negative and harmful things like migraine, fatigue, lack of sleep, bad ingestion, depression, heart disease etc. Imagine meditation as a restart. You will feel much improved afterward, which in turn will reflect positively on your weight and perception of yourself.

Have some time just for yourself. Use these moments for contemplation and regeneration. Focus on those aspects of life which fulfill you- walking, music, spending time with your loved ones, riding a bike etc. You should be more confident. In that way you'll be able to say and do what you really think, to deal in a transparent way with others, devoid of false pretentions, by which you will gain respect and admiration with others. This will project unto you as well. You will be more confident, direct, open, honest, and people will focus on that and be impressed, rather than on your physical appearance only. 

Improve the relation with those who are close to you. Engage in conversation with people who are dear to you. Sharing your emotions is a healthy practice and will improve your sense of belonging and community. Listen to those around you, their worries and problems, their accomplishments and joys. If you give, you also receive. This will result in a better mood and sense of community.

Make a more healthy life routine. By adopting more healthy routines and practices it is highly more likely that you will feel better and be more energetic. Be mindful of your health and what you eat, but don't be obsessed with the fight for unrealistic goals. The trick is to find an optimal ratio of being healthy and happy, which fits into your life and the rhythm of your life dynamic. 

Don't be afraid of change. Accept it in your life. By adopting new and different outlooks and practices, you can gain much and improve your perception and self esteem. By adding tested and reliable mental and physical practices you will gradually feel more empowered, rejuvenated, regenerated and in general healthy. Don't pay attention to advertisement and the unrealistic criteria of beauty and attractiveness of today's society. Set up new guidelines for your daily routine, which combine new habits in both mental attitude and physical actions. Stick to that and the positive change in your life will come like a soft sea breeze.

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