Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rejection Therapy

Today I've learned about a great psychological game that is aimed at relieving us of fear of rejection.

The game is simple - for 30 days you have to ask one random person for something knowing that you'll most likely be rejected. This is a practice known as flooding, that is - being exposed to an emotional response and letting it numb over time. It is practically the same method used to cure some of the phobias. Some of the funny ideas I have:

  • Ask for a random stranger to add you to his social network.
  • In public transport, ask an older person to let you sit down.
  • In a supermarket, ask the cashier to let you have some small item, like gum, for free
  • Ask someone to do their job for 10 minutes (like in fast food stalls)
  • In a park, ask a person if they'd allow you to sit next to them on a bench
Be careful - what you ask should be something where rejection affects you, but don't go too far. Also, be prepared to be surprised just what responses you might have.

I leave you with one inspirational quote: Many things have not been done because no one tried them.

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