Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Go Green Around You

We live in society that practically hates greenery. We put asphalt and concrete everywhere, we cut down trees to make wood and paper, and in our craze we may choke ourselves to death. But things aren’t as black (or gray) as they might first appear. The green thing is on the constant rise, and if it keeps up, it just may be the thing needed to really improve our breathing space. Best thing about it – you can do it too! Just follow these simple guidelines.

Ready, Set, Green!

  • Plant a tree. If you plant a tree, it is practically if you provided yourself and at least one other person with completely fresh air. If you really want to go crazy, watch Man Who Planted Trees and aim to plant a tree every year.
  • Potted plants. Potted plants can help you releive you of sick building syndrome. Use plants that are well known for their air purifying properties and are easy to care of (mother in law’s tongue, draecenas, rubber tree, areca palm). Make sure you mist them occasionally.
  • Have  your own garden. If you have green surfaces around where you live (even in a big city), “adopt” one patch and take special care of it. Even better, if you have a house, try to have the garden with a lot of foliage.
  • Take care of insects. There are a lot of resources on the internet that tell you how to make your own “insect hotels.” Also, it is easy to attract butterflies: just cut up fruits and leave them out in the open, even if they’re getting tad out of date. Don’t turn them into a mush or butterflies might get stuck.
  • Clean after others. This may sound demeaning, but you’ll actually be spreading cleanliness around you. Whenever you’re given a plastic bag, keep it, and then use it to pick up a couple of pieces of waste on the street and throw it into a garbage.

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