Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The List: 41 Things to Do to Go Green

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Make and tend to a flower garden together with friends
  3. Save electricity – don’t use the elevator
  4. Same plastic bags and use them to pick up randomg garbage on streets
  5. Clean up after your dog – it is bad for the plants
  6. Buy weeds and throw them directly on the ground
  7. Buy organic soap
  8. When able, obtain electricity-saving appliances
  9. Cover your entire living space with house plants
  10. Use brown paper for packing presens
  11. Don’t step on grass unless you absolutely have to
  12. Cut plastic beer rings to save animals
  13. Turn off the tap when you’re not taking water when you brush your teeth
  14. Keep your showers and baths under 5 minutes
  15. Don’t pick flowers
  16. Plant ivies around fences
  17. Never throw inorganic garbage outside of trash conteinters
  18. Make a habit of turning off lights in empy room
  19. Use energy saving lightbulbs
  20. Make your own compost
  21. Use paper bags as opposed to disposable bags
  22. Even better, use reusable bags
  23. Use bicycle instead of car when able
  24. Print on both sides
  25. Check out eco-blogs
  26. Eat more organic food
  27. Grow your own fruits and veggies
  28. Line dry your laundry
  29. Unplug appliances you don’t use
  30. Water your plants with collected rainwater
  31. Keep weed on otherwise barren ground
  32. Vote green
  33. Bring potted plants as gifts as opposed to bouquettes
  34. Recycle
  35. Don’t own more than you have to
  36. Turn of your computer monitor when not in use
  37. Use public transportation when able
  38. Make an insect hotel
  39. Leave out pieces of fruit outside for butterflies
  40. Leave bird food outside
  41. Feed stray animals

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