Tuesday, December 9, 2014

53 Things To Do With Your Friends

  1. Make a party where no one is allowed to speak
  2. Make cheese fondue
  3. Play celebrity heads
  4. Go for a 10 mile hike
  5. Get lost in a forest
  6. Make a costume ball
  7. Make everyone bring a random ingredient and make a dish out of them
  8. Play Monopoly
  9. Play soccer
  10. Go camping
  11. Go on a picnic
  12. Watch a movie together
  13. Let every person share a secret with everyone else
  14. Volunteer for a charity organization
  15. Make a surprise party
  16. Make grill together
  17. Play role-playing games
  18. Redecorate someone’s home
  19. Organize a yard sale
  20. Bake cookies together
  21. Let everyone pretend to be another person
  22. Do a quiz
  23. Make your own board game
  24. Play hide and seek
  25. Make a weight loss contest
  26. Visit an exhibition together
  27. Visit a place you randomly pick on a local map
  28. Let everyone make a list of songs that reminds them of their friends
  29. Make a calligraphy piece with all your names
  30. Make homemade bread together
  31. Choose alternative names
  32. Pretend to be members of nobility with extravagant and archaic titles
  33. For birthdays, pool money and buy one large present as opposed to multitude of smaller ones
  34. Organize clothes/item swapping party
  35. Go to aerobics / gym together
  36. Write a play and act in it
  37. Make a slumber party
  38. Associate everyone with a cartoon character
  39. Play a video game online together
  40. Make a bonfire (stay safe!)
  41. Visit a zoo
  42. Write a rhyming poem together
  43. Keep a journal of your common activities
  44. Watch a dawn break
  45. Make grog together
  46. Go to a mountain cabin together
  47. Make a short movie together
  48. Do a potluck supper
  49. Go to paintball
  50. Organize a joke telling contest
  51. Play charades
  52. Tie ribbons around a maypole
  53. Make a patchwork quilt together

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